parts list

A big thanks to Martin for Selfmade workshop for the screw list.
The other parts are just a recommendation, you can choose what suits you.
But in any case you have to use closed loop steppers.

Screw overview

  • dowel pins
    5mm 12x
    8mm 34x

    Countersunk head screws
    4x 30 24x
    4x 16 12x
    4x 50 189x
    4x40 40x
    2x 12 8x

    Flat head screws
    4x 40 108x
    4x 20 10x
    4x 25 8x

  • cylinder head bolts
    M6x50 24x
    M6x30 40x
    M6x20 24x

    6 socket screws
    M6x20 20x
    M5x20 20x

    M6 40x

    screw-in sockets
    8x15 28x

Parts List and Sources

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