If it needs to go a little faster or be even more stable, then the SeoGeo 2512 pro is just the thing. This is achieved through massive 80x80 heavy-duty profiles, longitudinally and transversely braced table legs and space for a tool changing system. We support you until the system is up and running, including the tool change. The SeoGeo 2512 pro consists of robust 80x80 heavy-duty profiles, CPC guides and racks in the X and Y axes and a precise Z axis with ball screw. Get the SeoGeo 2512 pro CNC router and experience what productivity feels like with tool changing! At this point, we recommend using a Mechatron ATC spindle with 2.2 kW.

The 2500mm x 1250mm machining area is ideal for larger projects such as RV conversions, large sign making and furniture making. With enough space, you can precisely craft custom RV components, stunning signs, and high-quality furniture. In short, this generous space allows you to turn your creative ideas into high-quality results.

Our high-quality CNC parts kit aluminum parts are of industrial quality and are precisely manufactured. Made in Germany is very important to us. With the latest CNC technology, we achieve exact dimensions and outstanding surface quality. Trust in our reliable parts for your project.