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1 tooth up-down cutter d 3.175 mm SL 25 (VHM)

1 tooth up-down cutter d 3.175 mm SL 25 (VHM)

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If the workpiece should stay where it should then the up-down cutters are exactly the right thing, these milling cutters are also called compression bits because they press the chips from below and from above into the middle and thus create a compressed bed and thus the connections are missing.

These milling machines are also ideally suited for sensitive surfaces, as these do not lead to tearing due to their nature.

Cutting edge diameter = 3.175 mm
Cutting length = 25 mm
Number of teeth = 1Z1
Shaft diameter = 3.175mm
Total length = 50mm

Safety notice!!!!
The blades are extremely sharp, please wear gloves when pulling them out

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