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3 tooth roughing cutter d 8 mm SL 30 (VHM)

3 tooth roughing cutter d 8 mm SL 30 (VHM)

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These milling cutters achieve very high cutting values ​​with very smooth running on a slightly rough surface and are characterized by a long service life.

These are special roughing cutters with a 30° cutting angle for woodworking.

Cutting diameter = 8 mm
Cutting length = 30 mm
Number of teeth = 3
Spiral Tooth: 30 degrees
Shaft diameter = 8mm
Total length = 75mm

Attention 3 cutting edges require a decent feed, heat is dead to cutting.
In addition, we want to produce chips and not grinding dust 😉

Safety notice!!!!
The blades are extremely sharp, please wear gloves when pulling them out

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