Estlcam Handwheel Multiplex / SeoGeo Edition

Estlcam Handwheel Multiplex / SeoGeo Edition

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Completely assembled Estlcam handwheel in a multiplex housing
The case is sanded and treated with Hardwax Oil to protect against

100% compatible with the original Estlcam handwheel (wiring diagram and software identical)

According to the specifications of Christian Knüll developer of Esltcam we provide SeoGeo with the support for the handwheel functionality.
If you have any questions or problems, please contact us directly.

The original handwheel shown is used to show the size and for comparison; the multiplex handwheel is purchased

Illustration can deviate

Completed hand wheel:

    • Joystick X/Y/Z:
      • Simultaneous movement of all axes possible (Z-axis by turning the stick)...
      • Very sensitive from slow speed to maximum speed...
    • Encoder:
      • Precise probing down to the last hundredth...
      • Absolutely delay-free, direct coupling to the axis:
        No more banging too fast or too deep into the workpiece...
      • The axis is selected automatically according to the last movement of the joystick.
        Intuitive to use without having to press "buttons"...
    • Feed and RPM control by turning the bottom knobs...
    • Program and milling motor start / stop by pressing the lower buttons...
    • Zero axes with the button in the middle...
  • Suitable for:
  • Including 3m connection cable...
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