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Estlcam hand wheel SET universal circuit board

Estlcam hand wheel SET universal circuit board

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Parts set for building an Estlcam handwheel or any type of control panel.
The parts set consists of the following parts and of course all controls in black, it has to be like that šŸ™‚
ā€“ Estlcam Board SeoGeo
ā€“ 3 axis joystick
ā€“ encoders
ā€“ 2x 10k potentiometers with touch function
ā€“ 2x Potentiometer Knobs Black Aluminum
ā€“ Button with green LED ring
ā€“ 3m connection cable

Please note that the assignment changes with black cables.
1 grey
2 green
3 yellow
4 White
5 blue
6 red


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